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Are you moving to Belgium, coming to study in Belgium, or staying here temporarily? If so, you will find all the necessary information about health insurance in Belgium on this website. The information is available in different languages.

Due to corona restrictions office hours and appointments are limited. You can contact us via phone or mail or with this electronic form.

Coming from Ukraine? З України?

Belgium can provide health coverage for you. Як отримати доступ до медичного обслуговування?

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Welcome to Belgium

Everyone who lives or works in Belgium must register with a health insurer.

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CM Travel assistance

Mutas is CM’s travel insurance. By paying your CM contribution you are automatically insured when you are going on a holiday abroad.

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Enhanced Reimbursements

People entitled to the preferential tariff pay less for health care. They also profit from benefits beyond health insurance.

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CM is committed to ensuring that you have all the information you need and do not pay too much.

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Incapacitated for work

Anyone who is incapacitated for work can receive a replacement income from their health insurance fund.

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Medical expenses

Being ill costs money. How can you save money and pay less? These tips helps you.

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Pay your CM-contribution on time

If you do not pay your CM-contribution on time, you will no longer be entitled to any CM-services and benefits. Make sure you pay on time to avoid suspension.

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Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth requires a fair amount of administration. CM helps you to understand all the paperwork.

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Studying in Belgium

The quality of Belgian education is outstanding. How do you register with CM when you are studying in Belgium?

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Rules to stop the coronavirus

The rules are important for everyone’s health. They are available in different languages.

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