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Welcome to CM's registration tool for international students and expats related to schools and universities.

CM is the largest organisation responsible for mandatory health insurance in Belgium. Everyone who lives, works and studies in Belgium has to subscribe to a health insurance policy to insure against high medical expenses.

For just 8,33 euro per month you will receive a full health insurance policy as well as additional benefits and services (for instance travel insurance, ...). You can find more information concerning the Belgian health insurance system on our international website

You can also depend on CM for an additional insurance. Choose between or combine: CM-Hospitaalplan, CM-Hospitaalfix and CM-MediKo Plan

How to subscribe?

You can subscribe by filling out the subscription form

You need to fill out your personal details like name, address, date of birth, ... We will send you all the necessary registration documents by mail as well as a user-friendly manual.

Attention: we encountered some problems with some domains (e.g. qq.com) that reject our automatic mails. If possible, don’t use these. If not possible, no problem: we’ll send the documents to your residential address in Belgium.

Contact: internationalstudents@cm.be

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