Contact with fellow sufferers

Getting together with fellow sufferers can be an enormous support.

Thanks to peer contact, you can find together a sounding board and solutions for practical problems. Do you know who to contact?

Peer associations

At Trefpunt Zelfhulp you will find more information about all associations that offer peer contact in Flanders. You can reach this organization by telephone on 016 23 65 07.

Informal care associations

An informal caregiver? This is someone who takes care of a person who can no longer do this themselves .

Recognized associations

The six recognized associations of informal caregivers organize recreational activities, meeting moments and informative meetings. They also draw attention to the needs and interests of informal caregivers.

Flemish Expertise Point Informal Care

On Informal caregivers can find information, publications, tools and tips about informal care. Various themes , such as premiums and reimbursements or the combination of informal care and work, are discussed.

Informal care telephone

As an informal caregiver you can call 078 15 50 20 every weekday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Informal Care Telephone is an initiative of Samana. She offers a listening ear for large and small problems that you have as an informal caregiver.

Self-help groups

Self-help groups are founded by and for volunteers based on a common experience or syndrome. They offer (psychological) support to fellow sufferers.

Vzw Trefpunt Zelfhulp is the information and support center for and about self-help and self-help groups in Flanders.

For more information, please contact the non-profit organization: