Days and periods for which no payment is possible

On some days you cannot receive benefits.

CM - jouw gezondheidsfonds

Here you can read on which days and periods no benefits are possible, so that you will not be faced with any surprises.

Non-reimbursable periods

  • Period of guaranteed wages , paid by your employer.
  • School holidays for which you, as a temporary teacher , receive compensation from the education sector.
  • Period for which you will receive severance compensation in the event of dismissal by your employer.
  • Period of complete career break/time credit .
  • Period of leave without pay .

Non-reimbursable days

  • Statutory holidays , paid by your employer.
  • Statutory holidays for which you have received holiday pay and which you cannot take during the calendar year due to your disability.
  • All other days for which you receive a wage from your employer.

Other exclusions

Sickness or disability benefits are also not paid:

  • from the month after the month in which you reached the statutory retirement age ;
  • if you receive other compensation for the incapacity, for example from an industrial accident insurer or the Fund for Occupational Diseases (if this compensation is lower than the sickness benefit, you will receive the difference from CM as a supplement);
  • if the disability is caused by an intentional error .