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Electronic applications for medicines Chapter IV: frequently asked questions

The answer to many frequently asked questions about the electronic application for doctors.

How to start?

    Via the Civars portal website or your software package. The latter is preferred.

    There must be a therapeutic relationship with your patient:

    • by reading the patient's eID into your own software package;
    • because there is already a GMD relationship;
    • by reading the patient's eID into the electronic medical record (EMR) via the eHealth platform and creating a therapeutic relationship;
    • because your patient created a therapeutic relationship via the eHealth website.

    Yes, you can still use a paper form.

    Yes, that's possible.

    Agreement - refusal - pending - rejection

      You can receive the following answers immediately after sending.

      • Approval: the request has been processed automatically.
      • In progress: a manual check must be done. After the treatment, either the decision will be communicated to the member or you will be asked for additional information. Do not make a new request, but respond to the communication.
      • Rejection: The wording of the rejection depends on the representation in your software program.
      • Refusal: The wording of the refusal depends on the display in your software program.

      For type 1 medicines you will receive an automatic approval after ten seconds.
      For type 2, the advising physician makes a decision and you will not receive a message back. To know whether there is an agreement, you must do a new consultation.

      Yes. You will immediately receive a notification upon approval for type 1 medicines.
      You will not receive a message back for type 2. To know whether there is an agreement, you must do a new consultation.

      This is done by letter.

      With cumul, the previous agreement is recovered to avoid double delivery.

      Approval of a new application is only activated when the patient hands in his 'old' paper approval to CM.
      As soon as electronic consultation by the pharmacist is mandatory, the return of the 'old' paper agreement is no longer necessary because the electronic agreement has priority in any case.

      Consult and manage applications

        You can only consult the applications that have been approved. Pending applications are not visible. But this may differ depending on the software.

        Yes. All chords are visible, regardless of the circuit through which they were entered. They are visible once the application has been approved. This can therefore be faster with electronic applications than with paper applications.

        Yes, your colleagues from the same group or the same medical house also have access to the eChapter IV functionalities.

        No, this is currently not possible. The pharmacist can sometimes see this via the Shared Pharmaceutical Dossier (GFD) , but not all pharmacists work with it yet. The pharmacist usually immediately delivers the maximum prescribed amount.

        You will receive a one-time notification. Depending on your software, you can view the history.

        We only take into account the request that was forwarded first. You will receive a rejection (error message 409) for the request that was forwarded twice.

        Yes, that's possible. But the decision may take a little longer. The program blocks one request while another is pending.

        The program processes applications in the order in which they were received. When the first one is placed in processing, the next ones are placed in pending status.

        Tip : start with applications without attachments, because an application with attachment will automatically be processed manually.

        As long as there is no decision, you can send an electronic request for cancellation. We will then process this request.

        If a decision has already been made, we can close the application but not cancel it.

        Tip : When contacting us, please include the reference number, patient details, section and medicine.

        Yes, that's possible. You first do a consultation to have the chord number. You can then send an electronic message to stop the agreement.

        It is not yet used much and we are currently requesting the original certificate from our member.

        Request errors

          No, we have no authority to make adjustments. We can only process, refuse or approve applications.

          We will therefore ask you to make a new application.

          We always give the maximum duration as determined by law.

          As a doctor, you determine, within the regulatory framework, how much and for how long you prescribe the medicine.

          Therapeutic relationship

            A therapeutic relationship is a relationship that you, as a healthcare provider, enter into with your patient to share and consult their health data.

            Access to patient data is limited in duration.

            Download Deadlines for therapeutic relationships .

            • By reading the patient's eID (also with Kids ID) into your own software package.
            • By having a GMD relationship.
            • By reading the patient's eID into EMD (eHealth platform) and creating a therapeutic relationship.
            • Because your patient created a therapeutic relationship via the eHealth website.

            Its duration varies depending on the care provided and the relationship with the care provider .

            • If you read the patient's eID during a consultation, a therapeutic relationship is usually registered for an individual healthcare provider (except emergency physicians and doctors in on-call posts) for fifteen months. This is also the term for pharmacies when delivering a medicine. For a referral, this duration is three months.
            • If you have a long relationship with your patient, which is formalized by a global medical record (GMD), you have access for one year from the opening date of the file. This period will be extended again by one year if your GMD is extended.
            • In case of hospitalization or outpatient treatment in hospital, the duration of the therapeutic relationship is three months.
            • An emergency doctor or doctor in a waiting post has access to the data for one month, counting from the date of patient contact.
            • It is also possible for a therapeutic relationship to be registered if there was no physical contact between doctor and patient. For example, when doctor A refers a patient to doctor B. If he or she needs to be sufficiently trained before the first consultation, doctor A can register a therapeutic relationship between the patient and doctor B for three months. The patient must have his eID read by doctor A and enter his PIN code.

            Yes. Your patient can always end the therapeutic relationship via the eHealth portal.

            Yes. Every citizen can create a lifelong relationship through eHealth.

            Do you work as an eGMD holder in a group practice? The other authorized general practitioners of this group practice will then also have access to your digital medical information. This is to guarantee better continuity of care. More information can be found on the Riziv website .


              This possibility exists. More than three thousand pharmacies use it.

              Currently, only the chords linked to the specialties of Chapter IV are visible.

              This has been postponed to an unspecified date.

              An electronic approval takes priority over a paper approval. After all, the electronic approval always reflects the most recent decision of the advising doctor.

              Technical Support

                An error message may appear due to maintenance work on the program or a temporary internet interruption.
                If this occurs, please contact your software supplier for more information.

                You can contact your software supplier for technical support.