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Extending disability

You're not ready to go back to work yet? Then you ask for an extension of your disability.

Your period of disability is coming to an end, but you notice that you are not ready for it yet. What now?

If you are still unable to work after a period of incapacity for work, you must submit a new certificate to have the recognition of your incapacity for work extended.

If you are unsure whether you are ready, be sure to take a look at ' Help with returning to work '.

Important : you only have to do this during the first year of your disability.

What should you do?

Request the certificate again

Complete the certificate correctly

Complete the top section yourself. Please indicate that this concerns an extension of the disability. Then have the second part completed by your doctor.

Submit the certificate on time

Submit the certificate within seven calendar days, starting from the day after the onset of the illness or the extension. Submitting is done in the same way as for the first declaration.

  • Online if via this web form.
  • By post : send the original certificate (not a copy), stamped and under a closed envelope, stating 'Disability Declaration' via bpost to CM's advising doctor. The postmark serves as the date of declaration.
  • You can also hand over the completed certificate to the advising doctor against receipt.
  • Never deposit your tax return in a CM mailbox.