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What to do in case of incapacity for work?

If you are unable to work due to illness or accident, you can receive benefits.

The incapacity benefit applies to employees, the unemployed and the self-employed.

What do you have to do to receive that benefit from CM? Follow the step-by-step plan.

If you need more information about disability, you can go here .

You become incapacitated for work

An accident or illness: it can happen to anyone. If this means you are unable to work, you must file a declaration of incapacity. Then you can receive a benefit from CM . There is a lot involved. Don't worry, CM will show you the ropes.

Important :

  • Separate regulations apply to permanently appointed government employees that are not covered by health insurance.
  • Different regulations also apply in the event of an accident at work or occupational disease.

You are incapacitated for work

You will receive the doctor's decision of your incapacity in writing. You will then receive an information sheet . Return the completed form to CM as quickly as possible.

During your incapacity you have certain rights, but also obligations. For example, you must always accept an invitation from the advising doctor and you must also inform him or ask permission when you go on holiday .

If the advising doctor approves your disability, you are entitled to sickness benefit. You can read on the payment calendar when it will be deposited. You can request an overview of your benefits from CM.

Is the end of your disability recognition approaching, but are you not yet ready to get back to work? Then you can request an extension .

Back to work

Full-time , part-time or perhaps as a volunteer ? With or without help ? In any case, your disability has ended or you feel well enough to return to work partially.

Will you return to work fully after your recognition period? Then you don't have to do anything.

In other cases, it is best to check what needs to be done.

But if you restart before the end of your disability, you must notify CM.