Healthcare proxy. My life wishes in good hands

If you are slowly losing control over the management of your assets, you can give someone power of attorney to manage your assets and make decisions about you. Why a health care proxy? As you get older, it's harder to get what you want done. Understanding each other's wishes is then important.

What is a health care power of attorney?

This gives someone else the right to manage your assets or make decisions if you are no longer able to do so yourself.

CM, your first point of contact

Even though it is not easy to think about your future wishes, it is still important. CM supports you. Need advice?

How do you ensure that your health care proxy works effectively?

When a healthcare proxy is effectively in force, either because it took effect immediately or because the principal has become incapacitated, it is important to also report this to CM if the principal is a member of CM. Download the registration document or make an appointment with CM and be sure to bring a copy of the healthcare proxy and proof of its registration.

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Thinking about your wishes and preferences for your future care, and talking about them with loved ones and healthcare providers, that is advance care planning.

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