InterMutualistic Agency (IMA)

CM actively participates as a partner in the InterMutualistic Agency (IMA), a non-profit organization founded by the health insurance funds.

Based on health insurance fund data, the IMA conducts studies and makes recommendations for the government. In addition, it makes permanent numerical data available via the IMA-ATLAS.

Analysis and research

To carry out its tasks, each health insurance fund has invoicing data (e.g. date, place and cost of services and treatments provided) and administrative data of its members (e.g. gender and age).

This data is passed on in code to the IMA for analysis. Medical data of health insurance fund members, on the other hand, are never transferred.

Data analysis is done on the IMA's own initiative or at the request of its legal partners: the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (Riziv), the Federal Public Service (FPS) Public Health, the FPS Social Security and the Federal Knowledge Center for Healthcare.

In addition, the IMA also conducts research in collaboration with and/or on behalf of other federal government institutions, regions, communities and universities.

More information about the IMA can be found at . Under 'Research' you will find some IMA reports.


In addition to conducting studies, the IMA also permanently establishes a IMA ATLAS available. It contains statistics and figures , divided into six themes : demography and socio-economics, prevention, health status, healthcare consumption, accessibility and organization of healthcare. The figures go back ten years and are updated annually.

In the IMA-ATLAS you will find information about the increased reimbursement, the global medical file, the prevention of diabetes and antibiotic use. You can consult and download global figures for Belgium, the regions and the provinces, but also detailed figures for districts and municipalities.