Become an advisory physician at CM

Passion for medicine, job with impact

As an advisory physician at CM, you play a key role in our health fund. You check whether someone is entitled to a refund. You provide advice about this to our members and healthcare providers. You tackle new medical challenges every day. In your own region, surrounded by a team of doctors and paramedics. Ready for a job with impact?

Want to ensure that someone can return to work after a long absence? That gives satisfaction.

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As a doctor you connect our members, healthcare and the RIZIV

You are a doctor through and through. You are an advisor and confidant for our members. And you help keep social security afloat. So you are a pivotal figure between our members, healthcare and the RIZIV. What you do has an impact.

You are surrounded by a team. Fellow experts, such as physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists, give you insights to build on. This multidisciplinary approach is enriching and leads to better member guidance, better distribution of the workload and more satisfaction.

You're in control. As a consulting physician you are completely independent in your judgment. You determine the balance between medical checks (on site or remotely), internal consultation, administration, discussions with treating physicians and continuous training. Your job allows you to coordinate your work and private life.

You use your knowledge and continue to learn. With your expertise, you monitor our members and assess their right to a replacement income. You regularly train in all areas involved: from medicine to social legislation. This way, no evolution escapes your attention.

Build on the expertise of general practitioners and specialists

The attending physician prescribes treatments or declares a patient incapacitated for work. You will then further assess the file from the perspective of insurance medicine.

  • You ensure that medicines and treatments are reimbursed correctly.
  • You check whether an incapacitated patient is entitled to a reimbursement and/or a replacement income.
  • You guide members who:
    • seeking optimal treatment through Belgian health insurance;
    • returning to work after a long absence (reintegration);
    • want to take a new path professionally that is in line with their health (vocational retraining).

What does your day look like as a consulting physician?

These tasks are among your responsibilities as an advisory physician at CM:

  • Medical check-up and advice
    You monitor the health status of members with various pathologies. And you give them advice about repayments and replacement income. This way you ensure that social security resources go to the people who need them.
  • Individual guidance
    You give people perspective again. For example, you support someone who can start working part-time again after a full year of illness. Others have to look for other work for medical reasons. You also guide and advise those members.
  • Regular consultation
    You exchange knowledge and discuss complex files with your multidisciplinary team. This way you can provide even better support to disabled members. You have regular contact with general practitioners and specialists.
  • Clear administration
    You write reports in which you justify your decisions. To process all files properly, you work together with your colleagues from the administration.
  • Continuous further training
    You keep up with social legislation and medical developments. This way you participate in symposia and further training. You also follow all developments through the trade press.

Consulting physician stands for extensive social expertise

At CM we are looking for passionate doctors who are willing to focus on disability and social security.

  • Have you recently graduated, do you have experience in the treatment sector or have you already gained expertise in insurance medicine? You can develop yourself into a consulting physician at every stage .
  • You will immediately start working as a consultant doctor. You will receive three to four months of personal guidance from a fellow consulting physician.
  • You follow an internal training program , including attention to communication, psychopathology, social legislation and occupational medicine.
  • If you wish, you will have the opportunity to follow a master's degree in Insurance Medicine and Medical Expertise.
  • After your training period, you will work towards being sworn in and officially recognized as a consultant doctor by the RIZIV.

Do you see yourself in that? Then you go through these steps at CM:

  • Introduction – You will have the opportunity to attend a consultation with an advising doctor. This will give you a better idea of whether the job suits you.
  • Assessment – During the selection procedure you will have an interview with a fellow consulting physician and you will complete a half-day assessment.
  • Final interview – You discuss your ambitions, expectations and responsibilities as a consulting physician with our medical management.

What drives our doctors?

'Finally working without on-call or weekend shifts.'

'Working on my own was not an option for me. I thrive on teamwork.'

'I find working together with other doctors and paramedics enormously enriching.'

'I help ensure that social security remains healthy. That gives me satisfaction.'

Want to become a consultant doctor? Come and take a look

At CM we understand that the step can be big. For example, you already have a thriving practice. Or you didn't actually know what exactly an advising doctor does.