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Are you a wheelchair user? Then you can count on CM-Rolwagenvervoer for hospital visits, hairdressing appointments or your shopping.

For the time being, the CM wheelchair transport service only exists in Limburg and South-West Flanders.

You request wheelchair transport

You do this at least four working days in advance via the Zorglijn in West Flanders or Limburg.

You pay an affordable price

By organizing this service through volunteers and investing in it as CM, the cost is extra low.

You pay:

  • administration costs of 2 euros per trip;
  • mileage allowance of 0.60 euros per kilometer driven (only loaded kilometers);
  • waiting fee of 3 euros per hour started.


  • The volunteer is not allowed to perform any nursing actions.
  • Transport of persons receiving oxygen therapy or having an IV is not possible.
  • For oncological treatments, hospital consultations and kidney dialysis you can contact non-urgent patient transport.