Beware of phishing. CM never sends you e-mails with requests to alter your personal details. How can you spot a fake e-mail?


CM-Spaak offers you administrative support and sends a volunteer to your home.

CM offers administrative assistance with Spaak at a rate of 3.43 euros per hour. CM-Spaak only works on referral from a professional service.

The Spaak volunteers offer help with:

  • sorting administration (e.g. bills);
  • develop a classification system;
  • (monthly) follow-up of the administration;
  • going through the mail;
  • help with the administration of a move;
  • clarifying letters, transfer forms, etc.

What should you do?

The professional service contacts the Zorglijn. You can contact them for more information.

Important :

  • CM-Spaak can guide you to the town hall, the tenants' association or another authority.
  • CM-Spaak does not provide support for completing tax returns.
  • The offer depends on the availability of the volunteers.  
  • The CM-Spaak volunteer service is not yet available in every region.