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Communication and leisure for people with disabilities

Many organizations offer discounts and reimbursements for certain communication or leisure facilities.

People with disabilities can count on various social rates for communication and all kinds of benefits for sports, cultural and leisure activities: from BlueAssist , your cable subscription , your telephone, mobile phone and internet subscription to a European Disability Card.


BlueAssist helps people who have difficulty asking a simple question , for example because they have an intellectual disability or early dementia. They can show their question to others using BlueAssist cards or the BlueAssist app for smartphones.

Cable subscription

Some cable companies offer discounts on cable subscriptions to people with disabilities. Whether or not to grant this social rate is not legally established and therefore depends on the cable company.

Telephone, mobile phone and internet

The social rate is a discount on subscriptions for telephone, mobile phone or internet connection. You can only use one social rate (telephone, mobile phone or internet) within the same household.

0800 22 800

  • 0486 19 1999
  • 1999 via your BASE mobile number (free!)

  • 02 745 95 00 via landline
  • 5000 via mobile device (free!)

0800 84 000

0800 66 051

078 50 50 50

European Disability Card

Persons with disabilities may upon presentation of the   European Disability Card (EDC) enjoy benefits in all kinds of sports, cultural and leisure activities . The card is issued free of charge in your name and is valid for five years. Since the card serves as proof that you are recognized as a person with a disability, it can also be useful in (crisis) situations where you need help.