Living for people with disabilities

To keep housing affordable for people with disabilities, reimbursements of rental costs are possible. There are also different social rates for water, electricity and gas. We list some reimbursements and social rates.

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Rental costs

Rent subsidy

If you move from an unsuitable home to a suitable rental home, you can request a refund of the rental costs in Flanders. It consists of a monthly rental subsidy and a one-off installation premium.  

Rental premium

Low-income families who wait at least four years for social housing may be eligible for a Flemish rental premium.

Property tax

In the Flemish Region, reductions are granted on real estate for tenants and owners:

  • with family members with a disability, diagnosed before the age of 65;
  • or with two or more children who are entitled to child benefit.

Natural gas, electricity and water

Natural gas and electricity

Do you have a limited income or do you receive benefits? Then you are entitled to the social rate for energy (natural gas and electricity). Usually you don't have to do anything and this is granted automatically.

Social heating fund

People with a low income are eligible for an allowance for their heating oil.

Water bill

Those who meet the conditions receive a discount on their water bill. The water company usually awards the social rate automatically.