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Contraception for young people

Girls receive an additional reimbursement from their health insurance for the contraceptive pill and various other contraceptives (such as IUDs or patches).

There is also a reimbursement for women under the age of 25 or with increased compensation for:

  • contraception delivered by a hospital pharmacy for CM members staying in a:
    • psychiatric care home;
    • day care center;
    • recognized residential facility for children, young people or disabled people;
    • sheltered housing initiative;
    • rehabilitation center.
  • implantable contraceptives, such as IUDs and subcutaneous implants, supplied by a hospital pharmacy.

Important : there is never a refund if delivered by a doctor.

Direct refund

The reimbursement is usually settled if you purchase contraception based on your doctor's prescription and your electronic identity card or ISI+ card.

No direct refund?

You will then receive a certificate from the pharmacist that you provide to CM. We will take care of the refund to your account.