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Hair prostheses

You can get a refund for a hair prosthesis if the baldness is the result of a certain disease or condition.

The refund will never exceed the invoiced amount and will not exceed:

  • 270 euros for baldness due to scar formation due to radiotherapy treatment.
  • 180 euros at:
    • complete baldness due to radiotherapy and/or antimitotic (= which slows down cell division) chemotherapy;
    • baldness of at least 30 percent due to certain skin diseases or scarring of physical/chemical, traumatic or inflammatory origin.
  • 120 euros for accessories to cover the head, such as scarves, hats, caps or berets. Other types of accessories that are not textiles, but are used in daily life, are also eligible. Helmets and fantasy items are not included.

Send the invoice to CM

Send the invoice  to CM, together with:

  • a request drawn up by your treating physician (in case of baldness due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy);
  • an application drawn up by a dermatologist (for baldness of more than thirty percent due to the skin diseases alopecia areata or cicatricial alopecia).

You don't need approval

In neither case is approval from the consulting physician required.

Extra information

  • Who delivers the wig (manufacturer or hairdresser) does not matter for the granting of the refund.
  • If you have baldness due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you are entitled to a wig reimbursement again after two years. The condition is that a new chemotherapy or radiotherapy has been started, resulting in complete baldness.
  • If you have baldness due to a form of alopecia, you are entitled to a refund for a wig after two years.