Do you end up in the hospital? You will then be reimbursed for some hospital costs under certain conditions.

Are you not receiving reimbursement from hospitalization insurance?

In the event of a hospital admission, CM will reimburse 75 percent for the following hospitalization costs:

  • the legal personal share for the stay in the room;
  • the statutory personal share for medical and paramedical fees;
  • the imposition costs for the reimbursable medicines.

From January 1, 2024, only CM members with the right to supplemented refunds will be eligible for a refund from this benefit.*

Submit your request to CM

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You will receive your refund

CM transfers the reimbursement to the account number known to us for healthcare reimbursements.

There is no refund for:

  • room supplements;
  • non-reimbursable medicines;
  • fee supplements;
  • the 'miscellaneous costs' stated on the hospital invoice;
  • admissions outside a general hospital or rehabilitation hospital (e.g. psychiatric hospital, residential care center, sheltered housing);
  • additional costs for nursing abroad;
  • imposition costs reimbursed by the industrial accident insurance;
  • lay-up costs reimbursed by the insurance pursuant to common law accident (with responsible third party).

* Subject to approval by the Health Insurance Fund Control Service.