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Maternity care

Maternity care can assist you during pregnancy or birth, including with household tasks and caring for your baby.

CM will reimburse you up to 5 euros per hour of maternity care provided . You will be reimbursed for up to thirty hours of maternity care per child and per parent who is affiliated with CM. If both parents are CM members, the CM benefit can amount to 300 euros .

This CM benefit applies to maternity care from one month before the expected date of delivery until three months after birth (in the case of home birth or polyclinic birth) or up to three months after the newborn's discharge from the hospital.

Request maternity care

Request maternity care from a recognized family care service. You can also contact the Zorglijn to be referred to a service.

Provide CM with the invoice

Provide CM with the invoice (on paper or digitally) or a copy of it (always with a yellow sticker) via a CM letterbox . Or send them via the My CM app .

Are you planning more than thirty hours of maternity care? Then mention both parents on the invoice. If the maximum of thirty hours has been reimbursed for one parent, the CM benefit for the additional hours can be paid to the other parent.

You will receive the CM refund

The CM benefit will be transferred to your account.