Mental health

Health is much more than not being sick. Also keep your mental health in good condition.

Health insurance provides reimbursement for psychological care organized by a mental health network.

As a CM member, you can also count on reimbursement of psychological or psychotherapeutic sessions that are not reimbursed by health insurance, thanks to the CM benefit - under certain conditions.

Health insurance

Children and young people no longer pay a personal share for psychological care sessions organized by a mental health network since February 1, 2024. Are you over 23 years old? Then you pay this personal share:

  • 11 euros per session (or 4 euros if you have the increased allowance ) for individual sessions;
  • 2.50 euros per session for group sessions.

What is a mental health network?

Sessions can be done individually or in groups. They can take place in a practice room of the network, but also in a suitable room with the patient or via video.

Reimbursement by health insurance is limited in number of sessions. This takes into account:

  • the type of psychological care (primary or specialized). The number of reimbursable sessions depends on whether the sessions are individual or in group, and whether it is primary or specialized care. On the Riziv page you will find a complete overview of how many of those sessions and in what combination are reimbursable.
  • the age group (children and young people up to 23 years old, or adults from 15 years old). The age groups overlap: children and young people up to 23 years old, and adults from 15 years old. Young adults aged 15 to 23 can choose which group they find the most suitable offer.
    • Primary care: 10 individual sessions or 8 group sessions per 12 months.
    • Specialized: on average 10 (maximum 20) individual sessions per 12 months or 15 group sessions per 12 months.
    • Primary care: 8 individual sessions or 5 group sessions per 12 months.
    • Specialized: average of 8 (maximum 20) individual sessions per 12 months (maximum 20) or 12 group sessions per 12 months.

    What should you do?

    Contact a clinical psychologist or clinical educationalist affiliated with a mental health network that has signed the new convention with the Riziv.

    CM advantage

    As a CM member you can count on a maximum of 24 refunds per life. Only one session per day will be refunded.

    Fully digital processes are also eligible for reimbursement. These must take place via a secure online communication channel that guarantees the minimum conditions and usage rules for secure communication, as stated on the eHealth platform.

      50 percent of the fee paid will be refunded per session, with a maximum of 30 euros. Members with an increased allowance will be reimbursed 75 percent of the fee per session, with a maximum of 45 euros.

      CM will reimburse 10 euros per session. Members with increased allowance receive 15 euros per session. The refund is limited to the actual fee paid (including VAT).

      Find your healthcare provider

      Find a healthcare provider for your psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment.

      Download the application form

      You will find the psychological care application form here.

      For BloomUp sessions eligible for reimbursement, the application form is not required; the refund is done automatically.

      Send the form to CM

      Deliver the completed form or the healthcare provider's own certificate (with the patient's yellow sticker) via the My CM app or CM mailbox.

      You will receive the refund

      CM will deposit the refund into your account.