Movement by referral

Do you want to exercise more, but don't know how? Your GP, nurse or paramedic can refer you to an 'exercise by referral' coach.

The exercise coach will draw up an exercise plan with you, adapted to your health. He doesn't move along, but he does help you along the way and motivates you.

You pay a limited contribution. The Flemish government will reimburse the costs.

  • individual guidance 5 euros;
  • group guidance 1 euro.

Are you entitled to increased compensation ? Then this is the maximum personal share per quarter of an hour:

  • individual guidance 1 euro;
  • group guidance 0.50 euros.

You receive 84 points per year for 'exercise on referral' for a maximum of two calendar years. Each time you receive guidance, points are deducted:

  • three points per fifteen minutes for personal guidance;
  • one point per fifteen minutes for group guidance.

Talk to your doctor about it

Talk to your doctor and ask for a referral for a coach who can help you exercise more.

Find a coach in your area

You will undoubtedly find a coach in your area via

Take a yellow sticker with you

Don't forget to bring a yellow CM sticker with you to your first appointment.