Sports club

Are you affiliated with a sports club? Do you ever like to jog or swim? Then CM stands by your side.

You will receive an annual refund of up to 15 euros per person for:  

  • the membership fee upon registration in a
    • sports club;
    • sports center;
    • sports service;  
  • the participation fee for recognized jogging initiations and swimming initiations such as
    • Start-to-run;
    • Start-to-Swim;
    • Walk-your-fit;
  • the participation fee for school sports.  

Are you registered for multiple initiatives ? You choose which one you request payment for. A maximum of 15 euros will be reimbursed per year for all initiatives combined.

Submit the form or certificate

Deliver via the My CM app or via the CM mailbox in your area:

  • Or the completed one application form ;
  • Or the certificate from the association or organizer stating:
    • name of the participant;
    • period of registration;
    • paid amount;
    • payment date;
    • details of the sports club or organizer;
    • signature/stamp.

You will receive a refund

The payment date of the registration fee determines the year for which the refund is requested. The refund will be transferred to your account.