Occupational guidance and housing advice

Do you want to live at home for a long time, but sometimes have difficulty getting out of bed or have difficulty with the stairs?

You can solve many problems with CM's occupational guidance and housing advice. The service is free and without obligation . These services are part of Social Work.  

The occupational therapists provide information and tips about:

  • fall prevention;
  • tools and technology, and their use;  
  • adjustments to your home;
  • training of daily activities;
  • moving techniques.

If you are still suffering 12 weeks after a positive test or an acute Covid-19 infection, you may be eligible for a post-Covid-19 care programme. The occupational therapist will then provide tips and advice about:

  • energy management during fatigue;  
  • dealing with difficulties and limitations of daily functioning;
  • personal care;
  • household chores and moving techniques;  
  • tools;
  • breathing techniques;  
  • cognitive tips.  

What should you do?

Request occupational guidance or housing advice via the Zorglijn or the form below.

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