CM home sitter service for home care patients

As an informal caregiver, you also want to visit friends or just get away from it all. That is why CM offers home sitting for the chronically ill, the elderly or people with disabilities. The home sitter can be available during the day, in the evening and at night.

CM offers babysitting at an affordable hourly rate. For this purpose, it follows the rate set by the Flemish Agency for Care & Health.

The keeper:

  • provides company, supervision and ensures a pleasant time spent;
  • helps with limited movements in and around the house;
  • takes on a limited number of tasks such as heating up meals, helping with eating and using the toilet;
  • does not perform household or nursing duties, and may not provide assistance with the administration of medication;
  • In case of emergency, contact the family, GP or emergency services.

Request the babysitter

Request the babysitter at the Zorglijn at least five working days in advance. This can be done by telephone or email . You can also contact the Zorglijn for more information.

You will receive an answer to your question

The offer depends on the availability of the volunteers. You will receive an answer to your question by telephone or email.

Extra information

Do you have a complaint? Contact your contact person at CM or let us know via After all, we improve our service with your response. We guarantee an initial response within seven days and the complete handling of your complaint within thirty days.

Important : For night care organized by CM-Oppas from January 1, 2024, reimbursement is automatic after you have paid your invoice. You no longer have to provide invoices for this.

The service 'CM-Oppas aan huis' (CM home sitter service for home care patients) is recognized and subsidized by the Flemish government in the residential care decree. We work according to the principles of integrated quality care.

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