Recovery stay

After a hospitalization or serious illness, a recovery stay is sometimes appropriate. During a recovery stay, work is done on rehabilitation, self-reliance, self-care and support for informal care.

A recovery stay with a reimbursement of CM is possible for a minimum of fourteen days and up to sixty days per pathological situation and per calendar year. In the event of a ban on orthopedic support or chemo treatment, the stay is increased to a maximum of ninety days.

For each day of your stay in a CM care facility you will receive:

You can choose from three CM care stays:

Download the application form

Download the application form or request it from the hospital's social services or at the CM office. Have the form concerning revalidation filled out as well.

Deliver it to a CM care facility

Deliver the completed forms to a CM care facility of your choice. Or have it delivered by the hospital's social services.

The care home will contact you

The care home will assess your request and contact you for further arrangements.

Extra information

  • You will receive a fixed travel allowance for admission to and discharge from a CM care facility.
  • Are you affiliated with CM-Hospitaalplan ? You will then be reimbursed half of your personal share for a recovery stay that is directly related to the guaranteed hospitalization and takes place in a CM care stay within three months after the hospitalization. This for a maximum of 30 days a year.

For a recovery stay in a center other than a CM care stay, there is a reimbursement of 15 euros per day of stay for a maximum of twenty days over a period of two calendar years.

Reimbursement is only granted in the event of severe dementia, or if there is a psychological reason or need to be cared for in an adapted and small-scale entity. You can request this by sending this form to CM's advising doctor.

To be entitled to reimbursement, you must not start your stay before you have received the approval of the advising doctor.