CM and health insurance provide coverage for a number of vaccines, such as the rota vaccine. After all, a small injection can prevent a lot of trouble.

The rotavirus causes infections that cause diarrhea and dehydration in young children, among other things. A vaccination can prevent this. It consists of two or three oral doses administered before the age of six months.  

For babies under six months of age, health insurance largely reimburses the vaccine. You still pay 12.10 euros per dose (8 euros per dose if you are entitled to an increased compensation).  

Important: If you receive a reimbursement from your health insurance, you may also receive an additional CM reimbursement.

Ask the doctor for a prescription

Ask the doctor for a prescription for the rotavaccine, stating 'first dose', 'second dose' or 'third dose'.  

Deliver it to the pharmacist

Deliver the prescription to the pharmacist, who will then only charge you your own share (the co-payment).