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Sleep therapy

Do you suffer from persistent problems falling asleep and staying asleep? Then there may be chronic insomnia. In that case, sleep therapy can help you.

CBT-I stands for 'cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia'. It is a sleep training that addresses chronic insomnia or insomnia. You learn to look at your sleep differently again. Scientific research shows that this therapy leads to the best and most long-lasting results.

CM will reimburse you a maximum of 60 euros per calendar year if you follow CBT-I sleep training:

Sleep therapy recognized sleep center

You don't have to do anything for sleep therapy in a recognized sleep center . CM will transfer the refund to your account after completion of the group guidance.

Individual sleep therapy

For individual sleep therapy or a digital sleep program, download the application form and deliver the completed form (with yellow sticker) via the My CM app or a CM mailbox .

What are the conditions?

  • The treatment according to the CBT-i method must be done by a recognized sleep expert.
  • At least 6 sessions for individual sleep therapy or at least 6 modules for digital sleep programs.
  • At least one personal contact with a digital sleep program.
  • Digital sleep programs or online sleep therapy sessions are done via a secure online communication channel.