Volunteering at CM: Board volunteer

Mutualist elections are organized every six years. In 2022, this happened for the first time in Flanders and Brussels at the level of the sixty CM zones, which largely coincide with the Flemish first-line zones. In each zone, a number of volunteers are elected by the CM members to help decide the course CM Health Fund will take in the coming years.

The elected candidates become members of the CM general meeting as volunteers and are therefore given a legal task to monitor the proper functioning of the health fund. They will, among other things, be responsible for approving new services and benefits for CM members.

All voting members can cast their votes for the candidates from their CM zone who they want to participate as representatives in the CM general meeting.

Members take the helm

As a health fund, we believe it is important that our members are at the helm of our operations. Through mutualist elections, they can do this by standing as a candidate for a mandate or by voting for a candidate from their region who can represent them in the general meeting. The elected representatives in the general meeting in turn decide which of them will also take on the role of director on the board of directors.