Volunteers at CM: Health Academy

With a range of information sessions, webinars, courses, workshops and other trainings, CM Health Academy wants to inspire you and teach you skills on a wide variety of health and wellness topics.

CM Health Academy provides you with high-quality and reliable information about CM's services and social security. A qualified teacher leads the activity and provides the content. CM counts on warm volunteers to prepare the room, welcome the teacher and participants.

Reception volunteer

Do you know that awkward feeling when you enter somewhere for the first time? You immediately take that away. Because the first thing people see is your radiant smile. You welcome participants and instructors at the start of information sessions, workshops and courses. Not only do you help with these initiatives, you also acquire a lot of knowledge and can thus promote your own health. Will you come and break the ice quickly?

You indicate which CM Health Academy activities you want to supervise. You choose where and when.

Logistics volunteer

You are responsible for preparing the room, opening and closing the doors and all the practical support needed to ensure that an information session or workshop runs smoothly. Your preparatory work will help CM Health Academy get off to a good start!