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What to do in case of a hospital admission?

A hospital admission is not always planned. What should you do? What should you definitely not forget?


A hospital admission is not always expected. Here you will find what you should pay attention to and what you should definitely do if you are admitted to hospital.

Some tips for a worry-free hospital admission.

What documents do you need?

  • Always take your electronic identity card or ISI + card and some yellow stickers with you.
  • Make a list of the medications you take at home.
  • Agree with your doctor which medical documents you need to bring with you.
  • When you are admitted, you must sign an admission statement , read it carefully.

The hospital may request an advance payment . The maximum amount depends on your status and room type. An admission to a shared room should never be refused, even if you cannot pay the deposit.

You can freely choose the hospital, unless you are transported by the 112 service in an emergency. Or if your doctor is affiliated with a hospital. Your doctor will then contact the hospital to arrange your admission.

Recording statement

When you are admitted, the hospital must present you with an admission statement and have you sign it. The document informs you about the hospital's financial conditions .

  • The document is binding. Please read it thoroughly and ask for clarification if necessary. Keep your copy safe, this can be useful if you dispute the invoice.
  • The declaration must be completed in duplicate . One copy for the hospital, the other for you. Both in the case of a traditional admission, day admission and admission to a psychiatric hospital.
  • In principle, the statement must always be signed by the patient. The legal representative only signs if the patient is unable to do so himself due to a legal protection status or factual incapacity.
  • Your legal representative can also sign the document in the event of an emergency admission . As soon as you are able to do so, you can sign a new declaration.
  • The hospital cannot make an exact calculation because certain factors cannot be predicted.

What should it contain?

The contents of the recording statement are legally established:

  • financial information about the room and fee supplements , the advance payment and the personal share in the accommodation costs ;
  • which room type you choose and whether or not you want to be cared for without supplements;
  • explanation and price list of common products and services.

Important : Do not simply agree to a statement completed by the hospital. Use your right to make informed choices.

Legal model of the recording statements

Request the admission statement with the correct documents from the hospital in advance so that you can review them at home.

Room selection

Your choice of room has major consequences for your hospital costs, you indicate this choice on your admission statement.

  • A room supplement and fee supplement are permitted for a single room .
  • No room supplements or fee supplements may be charged for a shared room and double room .

Admission of child with accompanying parent

The recording statement contains a specific section for this type of recording. You can choose care at a commitment rate or care in a single room.

  • Care at a commitment rate: no room or fee supplements may be charged. The recording takes place in a double room or common room.
  • Care in a single room: supplementary fees may be charged, but no room supplement .

Important : In both cases, the hospital can charge you as a parent 'hotel costs', including for meals and the provision of a bed. With the CM Hospital Plan, the costs for an overnight stay for one person in the hospital room of a member are reimbursed up to 35 euros per day.

Hospital rates comparison

Quickly and easily compare the rates of Belgian hospitals.

Cost estimate

Inform yourself in a timely manner about your treatment and the financial consequences of admission. More and more hospitals have an online cost simulator for common admissions. The prices only provide a guideline amount and do not take into account unforeseen circumstances.

Is your treatment not listed? Or is there no cost price simulator? Don't hesitate to ask your doctor or the admissions service for a cost estimate.

How can you estimate your price?

  • You can often find a cost estimate of the most common procedures on the hospital's website . Or do you have a question about the financial consequences of your admission? The hospital's billing service or 'Pre-admission' service will help you further.
  • Discuss the price with your doctor . Also ask about the costs for medical equipment. Ask your doctor whether or not they are conventional   are. You can easily look this up here. This has a consequence for your cost of treatments and consultations.
  • Consult the general terms and conditions of your hospitalization insurance with CM in advance. This way you know what will or will not be reimbursed, because not every insurance covers the same thing.
  • Request your admission statement in advance and make a conscious choice of room .
  • Talk to the healthcare providers who will help you with post-treatment .