What to do in the event of a traffic accident?

There are two possibilities in the event of a traffic accident with injuries. Either you were not driving a motorized vehicle, or you were driving a motorized vehicle.

CM - jouw gezondheidsfonds

It depends on who pays any costs incurred for the traffic accident.

    • According to the law, you are a vulnerable road user as a pedestrian, cyclist or passenger if you are involved in an accident with a motorized vehicle (car, bus, train, tram, etc.). Do you get hurt ? Then the insurer of the motorized vehicle must compensate the physical damage, even if the driver was not at fault.
    • Is no motorized vehicle involved in the accident (e.g. collision between two cyclists or between pedestrian and cyclist)? Then the person at fault (or his insurer) must compensate the physical damage.
    • In the event of an accident with a vulnerable road user, your insurer must reimburse the medical costs of the vulnerable road user, even if you were not at fault.
    • In the event of an accident with another motorized vehicle, the insurer of the person at fault must compensate the damage.

    Report the accident to the police

    Notify the police on the spot or file a report as soon as possible.

    European Accident Statement

    Complete the European accident form if a motorized vehicle is involved in the accident.

    Motorized vehicle insurer

    Depending on the situation, the accident must be reported to the insurer of the motorized vehicle or the person at fault.

    Injury(s)? Report your accident to CM

    This can be done in two ways:

    You can also receive the form without having reported an accident. This happens if CM suspects that you have had an accident (e.g. based on a hospital admission or a declaration of disability).

    Always return the completed form to CM as quickly as possible, even if your medical costs are not the result of an accident.

    Incapacitated? Indicate it

    Do you become incapacitated for work after an accident ? Report this in a timely and correct manner to the CM's consulting physician. The declaration period varies depending on whether you are an employee, unemployed or self-employed.

    Medical costs and lost wages

    • Submit your medical expenses to CM and always state that they are related to the accident. CM provides provisional reimbursement of medical costs according to the usual rates and pays any benefits due to disability.
    • Notify CM if there are likely to be no further costs associated with the accident.
      Inform CM if the other party wants to reimburse you. Provide it with a copy of the settlement or court decision regulating the compensation.
    • Provide the insurer concerned with an overview of what you paid yourself. You can print such an overview via 'My CM'.