What to do when you want to become self-employed?

You become self-employed in your main or secondary occupation. What do you have to do to be okay? What are your rights?

CM offers self-employed people some affordable insurance options. You can count on us to represent your interests in health insurance and you will enjoy a solid package of services and benefits .

In addition, CM has a partnership with Acerta and Liantis . As a potential starter, you can draw up a personal step-by-step plan with them.

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    • You must join a social insurance fund no later than the day that your self-employed activity starts. CM will provide this with a certificate, which serves as proof of connection.
    • Do you receive the connection certificate directly from your social insurance fund? Then deliver it to CM as quickly as possible .
    • As soon as you are affiliated with a social insurance fund, you pay a contribution every quarter . A starting self-employed person is charged a provisional amount, which is revised after three years. From then on, the amount will be equal to a legal percentage of your net business income from three years ago.
    • The quarterly contribution entitles you to:
      • the reimbursement of medical expenses through health insurance (self-employed persons are insured against major and minor risks through compulsory health insurance and have the same reimbursements as employees);
      • a benefit in the event of disability and maternity leave ;
      • a retirement and survivor's pension;
      • family benefits (maternity allowance and child benefit);
      • the bridging right (the former bankruptcy insurance).
    • For a valid registration with CM and to claim the above rights, the first quarterly contribution must have been paid . It is therefore important to sort this out as quickly as possible.

    You join a social insurance fund , which determines whether your professional activity is actually a secondary profession. You will receive a certificate from this fund that you must provide to CM as soon as possible .