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How do I request a reimbursement for a hospital admission?

You will receive your hospital bill two to three months after you leave the hospital. Are you affiliated with the CM Hospital Plan? Take your invoice at hand and start filing your tax return.

Preferably digital

You do not need a scanner or camera for the online declaration at CM-Hospitaalplan, the declaration is made on the basis of the invoice number. Here you will find a video that shows you step by step how it works.

Still on paper?

Can't you submit your tax return digitally? Then print the declaration form , complete it and deliver it signed together with your hospital invoice by e-mail or via a CM mailbox .

Submit additional invoices

If you have them, also submit the invoices below. Because the refund does not happen automatically:

  • invoices for urgent patient transport (100 or 112 transport)
  • invoices from the recognized recovery centers Ter Duinen in Nieuwpoort, Hooidonk in Zandhoven and Domaine de Nivez√© in Spa
  • remaining medical costs after reimbursement by another hospitalization insurance

Submit these documents together with this completed form . Do this by e-mail or via the CM mailbox .

Please note that CM-Hospitaalplan also provides an automatic reimbursement for the medical costs of examinations directly related to your hospital admission, from 1 month before and up to 3 months after your admission. Read all about it here: CM Hospital Plan in detail | CM

Receive your refund

After your declaration, you will receive a payment overview and the refund on your account number.


Report your serious illness

  • With CM-Hospitaalplan you will be reimbursed 100% of these medically necessary costs for a number of serious illnesses.
  • Read all about it here: CM Hospital Plan in detail | CM

Reimbursement for hospitalization

  • Are you not being reimbursed for hospitalization insurance and are you entitled to increased compensation ? CM reimburses 75 percent for a number of hospitalization costs in the event of a hospital admission. read more