Care budget for elderly people with care needs

Are you 65 years or older, in need of assistance and do you have a limited income?

Then you can apply for a care budget for elderly people with care needs. CM-Zorgkas or the Social Work Department will help you with this application.

How much is this healthcare budget?

That depends on your family income and the care you need . Even if you stay in a residential care center , this amount depends on your family income.

More information and the specific amounts can be found on the Flemish social protection website.

How do you apply?

Make the online application

CM-Zorgkas will evaluate your application

CM-Zorgkas will evaluate your application and request additional information if necessary.

Medical classification

The Federal Public Service Social Security evaluates the influence of your disability or health problem on your daily life (medical classification). They will contact your doctor for this. You may also be invited for an interview.

Are you staying in a residential care center ? Then no medical assessment will be carried out.

You will receive the decision

After three or four months, CM-Zorgkas will give you the decision . If the application is approved, you are entitled to this healthcare budget from the month following your application. The first payment will be made in the month after the decision.

You will receive the payout

CM-Zorgkas submits the payment order on the 24th of the month. Depending on your bank, the amount will be in your account after one or two working days.

Change in your situation?

You must report changes to your situation , for example in terms of income or self-reliance, within three months via your online file.

A sale or donation of property (immovable property such as a house, building land, pasture, etc. or movable property such as shares, savings, investments, etc.) is also a change in your income and you must therefore immediately report it to your health insurance fund .

Read more about reporting changes.

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