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Exercise in nature

Ever noticed that it is nicer to exercise in nature? Forests and parks make you move automatically.

Exercising in nature is anything but difficult: go into the forest, smell the wonderful scents and enjoy your eyes to the fullest.

It rains? Then trees protect you from the wet. The sun shines? Then they bring pleasant cooling. Also go into the woods with your children. Children who often play in the woods develop better mobility.

Better in your own skin

Looking at and enjoying a green environment is pleasant. Moreover, the decor often changes depending on the seasons. So it is never boring.

A walk in the woods improves your self-confidence and mood . You have undoubtedly noticed that you become happier after a brisk nature walk. Highly recommended if you suffer from depression or stress symptoms.

Moreover, you become more productive, more vital and more social. You hit runner's high or lose a pound.

Choose your airways

Visits to the forest strengthen your immune system and reduce the burden of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Forests and trees are an efficient way to filter particulate matter from the air. They purify the air and produce fresh oxygen.

Give your lungs the air they deserve and take deep breaths as you move. Be sure to look for these places if you live in a city or busy traffic area. High concentrations of particulate matter are often measured there.


Did you have a busy or stressful day? Short walks in the forest restore concentration levels and remove stress.

Even very short sessions in the woods reduce worry and make you think less about the negative aspects of your life.

So take some time out and collect all your thoughts during a visit to a park or forest. You will also sleep better afterwards and suffer less from tension headaches .