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Book discount

As a CM member you receive a discount for various books about health, wellbeing, reimbursements and facilities, among others.

Gift from CM

Our 2.5-year-old CM members who walk through the school gates for the first time receive the picture book 'Anna in the classroom' for free .

To prepare your toddler for that very first day of school, CM will send you a picture book and countdown calendar to that day, when you receive our CM promotions in your mailbox.

Two months before your toddler's arrival day, you will receive an email with tips about 'going to school in a healthy way'. Here you will find the unique reservation code with which you can request the booklet.

About ten days before the big day you will receive the picture book and a countdown calendar to the first day of school.

Important : You will only receive this email if you have indicated in your communication preferences that you want to receive CM promotions and information about CM services and benefits.

Samana online store

As a CM member you can buy these books in Samana's webshop at a cheaper price.

Research shows that informal caregivers need clear information. That is why Samana bundled all the information that it has collected over the years as a recognized association for informal caregivers.

This resulted in a lexicon, an ABC of informal care. From a of administrative burden, to c of capacity and h of help. The book aims to be a guide that helps you plan your journey as an informal caregiver as best as possible.

It costs 16.95 euros in the bookstore, but as a CM member you can buy it at the discount price of 10 euros (+ 3 euros in shipping costs).

Informal caregivers who take on some of the care for a partner, parent, child or friend must also take good care of themselves. In the book 'Small happiness for the informal caregiver in Flanders' you will find dozens of tips and 'recipes' for self-care . Reference is always made to inspiring books and websites that help people take good care of themselves.

The book is a nice gift for yourself or to thank that special caregiver in your area.

As a CM member you can buy the book for 15 euros, instead of 17 euros (+ 3 euros in shipping costs).

As an informal caregiver, you sometimes need support to maintain care. Hilde Vandebroek is an informal caregiver herself and describes in a diary what she experiences and how she feels about it.

Get started with this book and become more aware of your own situation as an informal caregiver. You can entrust your experiences and feelings to paper – the blanks in the book – and thus gain new insights. Writing in a diary for fifteen minutes a day is a moment of peace. It is pure 'me-time' for the informal caregiver.

As a CM member you can buy the book for 15 euros , instead of 19.95 euros (+ 3 euros in shipping costs).

Good home care store

Order this book with the discount code HEALTH. It is delivered free of charge. You can also buy the book in a Goed Thuiszorg store or order it from the publisher.

What can you do to live a healthy and happy life? And how do you strengthen the health of others? Crucial questions to which CM formulates an answer in a voluminous book.

The book 'Your health' maps out the factors that influence health based on a broad definition of health. After all, being healthy is much more than not being sick. Not only nutrition, exercise and sleep are important, but also mental well-being, social contacts, giving meaning to what you do, a pleasant living environment...

You will also receive a practical overview of common health complaints and diseases. You can read what they are and how they are caused, but above all what you can do yourself and when it is best to consult a doctor.

'Your health' is published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and consists of four hundred pages. The book retails for €29.99. As a CM member you can purchase the book with a 10 percent discount .

Diabetes League

You order these books from the Diabetes League . Don't forget to use the discount codes!

'Delicious cooking with diabetes' surprises you with a culinary treat with no fewer than two hundred healthy and tasty recipes. They are composed of nutritious and colorful ingredients.

With this book you can put delicious meals on the table in no time.

The book retails for 35 euros. As a CM member you can buy it at the discount price of 31.50 euros with the discount code tastykokencm2024 .

'Living with type 2 diabetes' helps you on your way to living with diabetes as carefree as possible. The book is the reference for people with type 2 diabetes and their families.

In addition to medical information, the book also offers useful guides and practical tips to take your diabetes into your own hands.

The book retails for 15 euros. As a CM member you can buy it at the discount price of 10 euros with the discount code CM2024 .

Social Map (Sociale Landkaart)

The Sociale Landkaart is the reference work for social rights and provisions. You can subscribe at a discount price. 

How long can I take time credit to care for a sick child? When do I claim a rental premium? Where should I request a wheelchair? Thanks to the Sociale Landkaart you will quickly find an answer to these and many other questions.

The handy guide:

  • tells you everything about the social rights, allowances and facilities that you are entitled to as a person in need of help or an informal caregiver;
  • combines the regulation of social rights - including the interpretation and application rules - with the wide range of care available;
  • is an indispensable manual for the organization and support of care.

The Sociale Landkaart is available online in a subscription formula, so you always have the most recent information. As a CM member you receive a discount.

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