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Chronic condition status

Persons with a chronic condition who meet the conditions may be entitled to chronic condition status.

The chronic condition status is automatically granted and has two further advantages:

  • The co-payment ceiling for the maximum invoice is reduced. You may be reimbursed for (more) co-payment.
  • You only have to pay the co-payment at the GP, specialists and dentists . The fee is paid directly by CM to the (dentist) doctor. However, the (dentist) doctor is not obliged to apply this scheme.

Important :

  • The status is automatically extended in the event of high medical expenses or if you receive the healthcare lump sum.
  • In the case of a rare disease, the status can be extended for five calendar years . During the last year that you have the status, provide a new certificate 'Notification of the rare disease or orphan disease' to the advising doctor.

You will receive the status

The status is automatically granted for two years. As soon as you have the status, CM will inform you about this.

Do you have a rare disease?

Have the certificate 'Notification of the rare disease or orphan diseas ' completed by a specialist doctor. Provide the certificate to CM's consulting physician. The status is then granted for five years.