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Healthcare fixed allowance

Because chronically ill people have high expenses, there are various fixed reimbursements that they can combine, including for care. The healthcare fixed allowance is an annual reimbursement for chronically ill people who are highly dependent on others.

The healthcare fixed allowance can be combined with the fixed allowance for incontinence, the palliative care fixed allowance and the PVS fixed allowance.

The annual amount varies depending on the degree of loss of self-reliance, is indexed annually and since January 1, 2024 has been:

  • 371.55 euros;
  • 557.36 euros;
  • 743.12 euros.

Important: the care fixed allowance should not be confused with the care budget for heavily dependent people, which provides reimbursement for the non-medical costs of home care patients requiring serious care.

You don't have to do anything

CM has the necessary information so that the healthcare fixed allowance s in principle paid out automatically if you meet both conditions.

Is your self-reliance decreasing?

If self-reliance decreases over the course of the year and you claim a higher reimbursement, regularization will also happen automatically.

Healthcare fixed allowance?

If you do not receive a refund and you think you are eligible for the healthcare fixed allowance, please contact the Social Work department.