Care provision for persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities may need guidance at home or in a facility. The Integrated Youth Care (IJH) and the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities (VAPH) help them find it.

Minors can go to a Multifunctional Center for care and day care, among other things. They can also be guided by a home support service. They can also combine a personal assistance budget with a multifunctional center.

Adults who receive a personal budget can use that budget, among other things, to be helped by a care provider recognized by the VAPH.

Make your request

Minors with a disability who need long-term guidance at home or in a facility, apply via the Intersectoral gateway of the Growing Up Agency (Youth Aid).

Adults with a disability who need long-term guidance at home or in a facility must apply at a VAPH provincial office before they turn 65.

Do you need help?

Anyone who needs help with the application can call on a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

  • The MDT draws up a file in which it motivates the application.
  • It also determines how much help someone needs in daily life.
  • CM's Social Work department is a recognized MDT.


Persons with a (suspected) disability who want to make limited use of support do not have to go through an application procedure. They can contact the service or facility concerned directly.