Travel expenses for (parents of) minor cancer patients

As a cancer patient or parent of a minor cancer patient, you will receive a reimbursement from CM for travel costs to and from the hospital.

Cancer patient

  • Public transport: full refund (2nd class).
  • Other transport: 0.32 euros per kilometer.

Parents or legal guardian of a minor cancer patient

  • 0.32 euros per kilometer (maximum 75 euros per day).
  • The compensation is paid to the person with whom the child is registered as a dependent.
  • The reimbursement applies to each day of admission, but not for treatment in a day hospital.
  • To determine the travel costs, the place of residence of the child is taken into account and not the place of residence of the parent or guardian.

Your physician completes the form

The attending physician at the hospital completes an application form.

This remains valid for one year and can be extended for one year at a time.

You submit the form to CM

You will receive your refund

CM will pay your refund to the account number known to us.