What to do before you leave on your trip?

With CM travel assistance you can travel to your foreign holiday destination without any worries.

CM travel assistance provides you with the necessary guidance and contributes to the costs of urgent medical care. Make sure you arrange a few things in advance.

Does CM travel assistance cover your destination?

Check in advance whether your holiday destination is covered by CM travel assistance . Also check whether there is any negative travel advice from the FPS Foreign Affairs .

Save Mutas' number

The telephone number of the Mutas emergency center is + 32 2 272 09 00. Save the number in your mobile phone.

Check your documents

  • All EU countries (except Spain), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and North Macedonia
    The European Health Insurance Card is personal and proves that you have health insurance in Belgium.
  • Australia and Spain
    Take a European health insurance card with you for yourself and your traveling companions. Download the My CM app and you always have your digital EHIC at hand. You can also request the card via our order module . We only recommend a physical ticket for stays longer than three months and for travel to Australia. The EHIC also contains the telephone number of the Mutas emergency center.
  • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey
    Take a yellow sticker with you for yourself and your traveling companions. In addition, a specific document is also required. You can request this via our order module .
  • Algeria and Morocco
    Always take a yellow sticker with you for yourself and your traveling companions. You also need a specific document, unless you are self-employed. You can request it via our order module .
  • Cuba, Ecuador, Iran, Russia and Belarus
    To apply for your visa you need proof that you are insured against medical costs. For children and young people with child benefit , you can apply for this from CM . Others can obtain that proof from their insurer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific rules for certain destinations? Do you have other questions about CM travel assistance?