CM-Hospitaalfix Extra

CM-Hospitaalfix Extra is a supplementary hospitalization insurance. The most important advantages are the automatic reimbursement and the fixed fee per admission day.

I already have CM-Hospitaalfix Extra

With CM-Hospitaalfix Extra you receive an extra reimbursement of 25 euros per day that you are in hospital or admitted. The waiting period is only 3 months and we consciously keep the monthly premium as low as possible.

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Refund of 25 euros per day

CM will receive a message if you are admitted to hospital. You will receive the compensation into your account.

What you need to know about CM-Hospitaalfix Extra

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Frequently asked questions

Of course, the reimbursement is 25 euros for day admission.

Certainly, CM-Hospitaalfix Extra is ideal as a supplement to CM-Hospitaalplan or any other hospitalization insurance.

Do you pay the CM insurance premium by bank transfer? You will then receive a payment invitation for the new year in December .

Do you pay the CM insurance premium via direct debit? The premium will be deducted monthly, quarterly or annually.

You don't have to do anything yourself, payment is done automatically. CM will receive a signal from the hospital as soon as you are discharged. Based on this signal, the refund will be transferred to your account.

Normally the waiting time is three months. Are you transferring from a similar hospitalization insurance policy? The waiting time will then be reduced by the period during which you were continuously affiliated with that insurance immediately prior to the switch.