Do you need care due to old age or illness, but still want to continue living independently? Then an assisted living home with the CM-Zorgmakelaar is a solution for you.

This is an adapted home that you rent or buy, in which you live independently without being in a care environment. You retain your privacy, receive tailor-made care and choose which help you want.  

CM-Zorgmakelaar Jill shows the benefits of an assisted living home.

The CM-Zorgmakelaar is the confidential counselor who coordinates your care and supports your social contact.

This includes, among other things:

  • discuss your situation, needs and wishes and maintain your file
  • find out what CM and other agencies can do for you
  • collaborating with social work, home nursing and family care services
  • providing aids and ensuring that you can rely on services such as meals at home, shopping service, transport, laundry and ironing service, etc.
  • guarantee emergency assistance day and night
  • organize activities

The cost of the care and support that the CM-Zorgmakelaar provides is part of the daily price that you pay as a resident.  

The CM-Zorgmakelaar is available for both CM members and non-members. Do you want to discover whether living in an assisted living home is something for you, your father or mother? Do the test.

What should you do?

Contact the CM-Zorgmakelaar via [email protected] or 0473 42 13 12.

Where can you find assisted living homes with a CM-Zorgmakelaar?

  • Bree: Kasteeldreef Residence  
  • Genk: Residence Quies  
  • Koersel: Pura Vida  
  • Kortessem: Groenpark Residence  
  • Voeren: Tienhof Residence  
  • Wellen: House Villina  

More information can be found here.